This article could really have done with an introduction into the meaning of the words "conspiracy" and "theory" in and of themselves, and then, the joint use "conspiracy theory" and its origins (CIA) for use in mass formation.

As to Russia: it indeed took a conspiracy to down his jet, and that is not a theory, that's a fact. As to Putin's involvement: if he wasn't involved then that's a terrible weakness in Russia's defenses for civilian aircraft to be shot down near Moscow. Both ways he's damned on this issue, but what's the most likely real reason? Gaining control over Wagner as it's Africa operations are all too important.

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To my mind the word 'conspiracy' is largely misused in the discourse surrounding the current state of world events. There is nothing remotely 'conspiratorial' in the open admission of the WEF and its associated acolytes that a 'Great Reset' is (according to them) necessary and actively being implemented. Once one realises that the component parts of this global plan (population reduction protocols focused on false medicine; false climate hysteria; proxy wars) require a massive coordinated machinery in order to progress, then the destruction of family units, religion, judicial and political integrity, and economic destabilisation tactics can all be understood. None of these developments are mysteries or the phantasies of deluded idiots - they are all there out in the open for all to see, and are merely the current iteration of processes that have taken place whenever a reset was being born in the past - religious revolutions, industrial revolutions, communist revolutions, etc. The masters of the Earth (those who have so much wealth that they can dictate whatever they wish to) rightly regard this earthly domain as their own to reshape in whatever way most enhances the consolidation and increase in their power and wealth. I say 'rightly' not because it is ethically right, but because from their perspective they are merely doing what any sane person does when tending their investments in a prudent and productive manner. We have already seen that socialism does not result in the equitable distribution of the earth's assets, any more than capitalism, so we (the ordinary people) are basically in the position that we are required to fight every day of our lives for a carve-out in the voracious world of the super-rich - a small place where each of us can claim 'inalienable' rights to existence with a semblance of dignity, health and security - while recognising that there will always be the force of the overlords attempting to overwhelm us all. In some respects this is the social equivalent of the propensity for cancer or viral infections to overwhelm our bodies - as long as we diligently manage our health we can keep those forces at bay - we need to learn, as a species that we must similarly keep our intellectual health at its peak in order not to be overwhelmed by the interests of the overlord-class. There are many ways to keep them at bay - but sadly most humans live merely as malleable puppets that enable and passively suffer these resets that occur with sad regularity in world affairs. It was not hard for the planners to put everything in place for this current plan, because they could count on that mass inertia to help things along. Whilst the 'Great Reset' will prove to be the most genocidal of all previous resets, the remnants of human civilisation will continue on their predictable path regardless, as they hurtle towards a new normal and the next reset in due course. Our individual ability to see the process does not change its course ... at best it may reduce its velocity - but we are spiritually obliged to point it out, resist and subvert it in order that the integrity of our own humanity is enhanced notwithstanding external crises.

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The best weapon against conspiracy theory (and mass formation), I believe, is the habitual application of critical thinking. Unfortunately, as far as I know it's not taught in any schools, so it's not likely to gain widespread acceptance. Also, critical thinking --- and by extension, examination of conspiracy theories, or any other narrative --- requires hard work, AND an investment of time, neither of which most people are willing to do these days. As Henry Ford once observed, "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it." And his friend, Thomas Edison, once said, "“Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.” Against such odds, what chance do rational thinkers have...?

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When I first started to look into Conspiracy Theory in 2019, I did not anticipate how complicated and nuanced the topic was. I found the topic to be much more vast and psychologically interesting than I first anticipated it to be. Looking into the phenomenon of conspiracies, response to conspiracies, conspiracy theory and response to conspiracy theory becomes a complex exercise which touches on unexpected areas in psychology and sociology, from exploration of Schizophrenia/Psychosis to an exploration of how understanding occurs.

While we do have quantitative research on conspiracy theory, qualitative accounts are often way too simplistic. Even position you take in this post is rare. Like a lot of socio-psychological processes, conspiracy related processes also are dynamic, and hence require a deep exploration which involves bridging various ideas together.

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“A careful definition of words would destroy half the agenda of the political left and scrutinizing evidence would destroy the other half" (Thomas Sowell). Let’s steal a page from the radicals’ handbook and undermine the mockery attached to Conspiracy Theory. Let’s insist on saying Conspiracy Analysis and expose both sides to scrutiny.

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The main difference between mainstream and alternative conspiracy theories is that mainstream knows it is false all along and is cynically using it to manipulate the public in its own interest.

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why would President Putin kill Jevgeni Prigozjin there?

why not over the ocean, where he was, and there wouldn't be much left to find compared to on the ground?

i can think of a lot of reasons why Ukraine would want to kill him, and to kill him there.

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When just a week after the crash, the EU stated that "they would await further developments" regarding his frozen assets, I knew that the "faked death" explanation in order to recover one's assets had become the most plausible. It's worth noting in this context, that the EU is now in a state of committing the crime of graverobbing.

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While the phrases themselves are not new, the use of "conspiracy theory" and especially "conspiracy theorist" as pejoratives dates to 1965-1967, when the CIA, via "Operation Mockingbird" (see https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKmockingbird.htm ; Operation Mockingbird obviously continues to this day) employed the terms as part of their efforts to discredit Mark Lane (Rush To Judgment) and others who sought the truth regarding the murder of President John F. Kennedy and who pointed out that the evidence demonstrated beyond doubt that his shooting was not the work of one individual (as claimed by the Warren Commission Report--the 9/11 Commission Report of its day--in late 1964).

Needless to say, the notion that large and complex undertakings of any kind--for good or ill--require the work of more than one person, acting with some degree of concert and mutual understanding of their objective--should be a "no-brainer"; sadly, many Americans appear to be missing this vital organ.

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Thanks to Proff Desmet for his observations again. We Conspiracy Theory Optimists have to constantly put the effort in to stay with the facts. Off immediate subject here , Here is an article >> 911 and collective madness << by Jeff Einstein . https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/09/no_author/9-11-and-my-descent-into-collective-madness/

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"Conspiracy Theorist" no longer has impact...And, IS NOW A COMPLIMENT.

Too many of what the CRIMINALS AGAINST ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET did in the past

and have continued to do as suspected

are now reality.







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So, who killed Yevgeny Prigozhin?

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Mattias, the monsters are there:

Consumption of programmed information threatens to turn us into the human equivalent of social insects. Complexity and emergence leverage automated reactivity and pre-programmed social cues. The system is using playlists of content to manage entire populations, to trigger specific biochemical reactions. I sense we’re in a simulation that is being remotely guided by hormone manipulation and biochemical signaling. See this four-minute clip about neuro-economics and use of oxytocin to induce (or remove) social trust by Elizabeth Phelps of Harvard and Paul Glimcher, a neuro-economist from UPenn.



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The true "mother of all conspiracy theories is" still unknown by most people because it was very clever and has been around for so much long. We cannot see it as long as we are in it.

I just finished Mattias' book The Psychology of Totalitarianism. Excellent!

I have also started a book review on our weekly broadcasts that has already taken over 4 hours and we are just getting into chapter 6. There is so much in the book to think about and discuss. This next week's shows will hopefully finish up and summarize all the elements of the grand conspiracy and what we can do about it. I hope to have it finished and all posted and archived as our podcasts soon. A work is in progress https://preparingyou.com/wiki/The_Psychology_of_Totalitarianism

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Maybe this is a good place to mention "Conservapedia?" I had never heard of it until recently.


"O’Sullivan’s First Law is worth keeping in mind: if any project is not affirmatively conservative, then it will become liberal over time. When we started, few recognized liberal bias in the media. Now nearly everyone does. The rise of Donald Trump and conservative populism was on the foundation laid by Conservapedia throughout the preceding decade."

"...there is no other source of honest history than Conservapedia."

"You describe an aspect of the liberal bullying, or liberal censorship, that occurs today. This is part of scientism by liberals: selectively adopt facts to fit a preconceived notion or agenda, and then ignore or disparage all counterexamples."

"...liberals and Wikipedia cling to communist propaganda and repeat it without any skepticism or doubt."


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