I support your work. You explained a lot of what was unexplainable about human behavior during COVID.

I wrote a piece entitled "Just Take The Shot" describing the insanity and mind control elements observed while working on the frontlines as a hospital RN. It happened like you said!!!

I enjoyed your interview last evening with Steve. It was truly enlightening.


Thank you for all your hard work to help humans not progress down this dangerous road again.

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It is very easy to stop the persecution of you Professor, to force them to memory hole everything negative written about you in order to not draw further attention to you :-)

It is possible to make them desperately regret that they've ever put the spotlight on you.

You'll become untouchable if you follow my advice, because they will never ever want to draw attention to you again, because it would cost too much.

Jewish elites who own the newspapers where these journalists work, have spent considerable amount of money and efforts to keep the masses of the world in the darkness about what Judaism really teaches, because it affects the credibility of their antisemitism-for-no-reason-at-all narrative, their orthodox Holocaust of 6 000 000 Jews narrative and therefore it also affects their ability to maintain popular support for Israel.

Knowledge about what Judaism really teaches is detrimental to the common held view among the masses that the Jewish people are de facto the undisputed world champions of innocent victimhood throughout world history, and without this very belief among the masses the criminal apartheid state of Israel, which commits crimes against humanity on a daily basis, cannot draw sympathy from common people, neither from Jews and so much more, not from Non-Jews.

Common folk Jews don't know these things and are therefore easily manipulated and the Non-Jew definitely does not know.

So If you start writing and talking about what Jewish whistleblowers have exposed about Judaism then it is not worth the damage you inflict on the Jewish elites, because they really don't want these things to come to peoples attention which will happen if they put the spotlight on you to criticize you for other writings.

Because today it is no longer possible to just dismiss the words of the Jewish whistleblowers by simply demonizing them as "liars", "mentally ill", "self-hating Jews" etc. as was done before because now humanity has video evidence direct from Israel, where top rabbis are caught red handed teaching lethal criminal incitement against the Non-Jew as stated in Judaism's holiest book the Babylonian Talmud.

See therefore the Israeli top rabb David Bar Chaim explain the theological foundations behind the prohibition against saving the life of the Non-Jew as well as giving advice on how to LIE about it:


He is citing Judaism's holiest book which in one chapter "only" 5 times gives advice on how to lie to the Non-Jew regarding killing him indirectly, see



The rabbi is educated at Israel's flag ship Yeshiva the Mercaz haRav ,where he studied according to his own testimony for 10 years as an adult.

He explains that the prohibition against saving the Non-Jew from death is stated in more than one place in the Talmud, see


and that there has always been an absolute consensus within Judaism regarding this issue.

Together with the statements and writings of the hitherto demonized Jewish whistleblowers and only this piece of video evidence the following are DESTROYED:

i. the credibility of organized Jewry.

Because they've always claimed that Judaism contains nothing negative against the Non-Jew, that antisemitism is, and always was, for no reason at all.

ii. the acceptance among people of the idea that even Ph.D. level university scientsts can be imprisoned for revisionist academic discourse where the orthodox Holocaust narrative is disputed.

Finding out that organized Jewry has lied so grossly about what Judaism really teaches then jailing Ph.D. level university scientists for revisionist academic discourse would no longer be acceptable among people.

iii. the ability for Israel to bring up antisemitism-for-no-reason-at-all and the Holocaust when criticism against its crimes against humanity is leveled.

Organized Jewry know that their 6000 000 Jews, gas-chambers Holocaust narrrative is a giant with feet of clay which cannot stand up to free academic research.

When Israel can no longer defelect from its crimes against humanity by bringing up the Holocaust and antisemitism-for-no-reason-at-all, it spells the end of the apartheid state.

I am handing you a nuclear weapon.

-Prof. Israel Shahak, chap. 2 on how organized Jewry leadership always have lied about Judaism, chap. 5 the laws against Non-Jews


The poets reading will blow you mind every time you listen. The incitement against the Non-Jew within Judaism is so incredibly criminal that it is mindblowing, see


-Fomer Chabad rabbi Shmarya Rosenberg


-Leon Silberstein compilation


and many more Jews. DM me on twitter for more.

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In case you don't want to search for the post Mattias is referring to when explaining his comment on Alex Jones interview, here it is:


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I've read The Psychology of Totalitarianism. I'd really like to read every study, article, journal publication etc that Mattias Desmet has written. He is brilliant. Will you point me in the right direction to some sites where I can read his works please, thank you!

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I will buy your book and learn.


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Adding my voice of gratitude and appreciation for speaking your truth. Speaking my truth in dozens of consciousness groups over decades has met resistance - based on an inability by rational minds pretending to be interested in the mystery - mystified by persistent challenge I've faced especially in finances. Unfamiliar with the impact of childhood emotional trauma, I've recently observed (through being asked not to share political commentary and to stick to inner exploration of a spiritual nature) rational mind is a virus in these groups too. Being demonized - for allowing space to the mystery to be the mystery and not understood and not kept to a timetable of my preference - has been a common experience since birth. Listening to your interview with Ivor Cummins I was relieved - and ordered your book. In the interview tih Carlson Tucker you spoke of a book by Max Planck, could you tell me which one you had in mind? Thank you for speaking up and for standing for truth. I fell less alone.

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Some discussion about Mass Formation going on here. Might be interesting to have an open discussion. -> https://palexander.substack.com/p/mass-formationwhat-a-load-of-bullsht

Paul Alexander starts with the point that politicians should not be excused, because they were in a mass formation. And that is what he calls bullshit. I dont think that he has read your work yet, but maybe you can explain how you see these things.

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Thank you for your work. I bought your book and am glad to have it. Stay strong as I know you will!

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This comment is late, but with appreciation for the cross-post that you just sent out from John Waters.

I'd wanted to share a bit of history about a previous biolab disaster, Morgellons, from the early 2000's, because the same strategy was eventually employed there to erode the strength of Morgellons advocates / doctors / researchers / support groups looking into it. This was a government-driven strategy of infiltrating the groups from within using new fake members and eventually generating accusations and strife, thus confusing and weakening the movement. This strategy was launched after the CDC was pushed to conduct "an investigation" into Morgellons following years of lobbying by patient groups and doctors who needed answers about what the terrifying fibers were and how the disease was contracted / contagious / treatable. This "investigation" took place ca. 2006 in partnership with Kaiser Permanente medical + the Air Force. Afterward, patients were told nothing. Rather, the government launched a coordinated campaign to erode activist groups from the inside, target leaders, and confiscate medical licenses and jobs of those professionals trying to help patients and solve the illness. A coordinated online / media / fraudulent-academic-publication campaign was launched with a unified message: Morgellons did not exist, the fibers did not exist, patients were delusional. They went so far as to accuse patients of being "uneducated, drug-using, middle-aged female, stay-at-home moms" (language still visible on Wikipedia). This in no way reflected the patient demographics that were impacted, as Morgellons had an equal ratio of male-female and equal age distribution. Even the pets of households with Morgellons were covered in lesions with fibers. The first patient was a 2-year-old son of a lab technician working in East Coast labs. Patient biopsies are woven through with auto-fluorescent fibers that glow in the standard lab marker colors, verifying the biolab and non-human origin of this nightmare disease.

What else did the CDC do after their "investigation" besides attacking patients and supportive professionals? Well, they quietly moved the gain-of-function biolabs overseas, to Wuhan and Ukraine. Not that that impacts any of our lives today, right?

For anyone who has been personally targeted in the circumstances of Covid today - like Mr. Desmet, for anyone who has lost a loved one or a pregnancy or a job, or had their health severely impacted: all of this points back to those "public servants" of the CDC in 2006 who, instead of doing the job that they had the honor and privilege to be appointed to do, chose a conniving path of Lies, Corruption, and Aggression against innocent families they were meant to serve. The deaths of millions hang on their shoulders.

So when you are being targeted, Mr. Desmet, please take this as a sign that you are on the right side.

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Unfortunately it seems that John Waters only allows paid subscribers to comment. So here is my response to his post, "The Psychology of a Hatchet-job," and the reason why so many are opposed to Desmet's analysis.


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"And no Maarten, my prediction that the introduction of the vaccines wouldn’t end the corona measures wasn’t completely off. To the contrary, it was spot on. With autumn arriving, it becomes clearer and clearer every day that countries worldwide will reintroduce the measures."

We're well into winter now. Where are my corona-measures?

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Why do we continue to use the vocabulary superimposed upon us, "the herd" for instance, which leads us down a path to ultimately resist and reject the "ends" or "the purpose" of modified terms? We gave up our individuality when, without raising even one eyebrow, we accepted the force fed notion of "herd immunity", thus the elites programmed the masses to think of ourselves as "cattle", therefore giving up our democratic principle of "majority rule with minority rights". do you see it?

Our current dilema that has not surfaced to our group think is the notion that "gene therapy" is what we are fighting. the definition of "therapy": Definition of therapy. noun, plural ther·a·pies.

the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process, tells us once again we have swallowed crap of the elites, bought a "pig in a poke" so to speak. Ask yourself, is there ANYTHING in c19 death and injury jabs that even remotely resembles "therapy"?

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Dear Mattias, It would be most helpful if you would scratch out a schematic design of who or which are the main forces the resistance faces today and how best to address each player and or entity that Clearly is operating on basis of predefined planning and execution with intent to further concentrate power and wealth at the expense of democracy and its populus, given the level of apptitude of the populus and given the breadth and depth of infiltration into the halls of democracy. Your text on totallitarianism is informative as to where we've been and sheds a bit of light on where we are, however and with all respect, is dimly lit as to providing equally detailed instructions or even "guideposts" as to where we are headed and as to how to avert that course and change its direction.

jeff sweet

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But, there is one thing we can be sure of, those genetic injections contain the worst poison ever made in history.

Thanks for who you are, Matthias.

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Dear Mattias,

Just a quick line to say I will be emailing you shortly, with some thoughts. Primarily, in serious support and gratitude. As a practising psychoanalyst with some interesting (and equally depressing) post-grad experiences, I have been concerned about how to 'speak up' and how to 'reach' (ir)responsible people in the tertiary education field(s) today. In the meantime, wishing you a stout heart and ongoing courageous spirit as the public domain is now a vicious place. And this paper of mine, that has seemingly been downloaded fairly worldwide now be of some assistance, or thought provoking relevance.


With tremedous admiration


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My name is Joe and I host a podcast and would love to have you on as a guest. Please email me at: joe@thejoecozzoshow.com



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