First of all, let me apologize for not 'liking' your previous comments. I did, I do, and did 'like' this one.

Yes. 'lyrical' is probably a good word to describe Nietzsche's writing, but it's difficult for me. I'm an old (77) truck farmer / chicken rancher on a sloppy little acre and a half out in the middle of nowhere, and am damn glad writing like Nietzsche's is not on my chicken feed packages or fertilizers. I may 'grapple', as you say, with another book or 2 from Nietzsche, but I've been pretty content to get my Nietzsche from Uberboyo on BitChute, a lyricist himself who often covers Nietzsche. And, like you seem to have, I've pretty much given up on this stage of humanity's game. It seems like an ever quickening shuffle off into the Abrahamic abyss that has long been planned for us goyim. I still, however, take heart that our Founders listed only Nature's God and Natural Law in America's founding documents (first sentence of the Declaration of Independence and elsewhere), so I put my allegiance there and live pretty contentedly and peacefully. I also take heart in the Zen words, "Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes and the grass grows by itself". This ridiculous imbalance in the Cosmos can't go on too much longer.

Anyway, looks like we're on the same page. Glad to make your acquaintance.

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Mattias, I lived in China for many years, including a period when China was roundly chastised by our (the West's) media and political class for its restrictions on free expression.

Fast forward 10-15 years and the current state of speech in the west is now *far worse than it was when I was in China*. Mass surveillance isn't far behind. And the same political class and media are now silent at best, fully supportive at worst.

The west has sleepwalked into increasing totalitarianism.

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“It is essentially simple. Intolerance does not target those who break the law. Intolerance targets those who contradict the dominant ideology.”

Mattias, your words are an accurate assessment of the current situation. its not a matter of truth, but one of maintaining power. and that is totalitarian.

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"The newly emerging totalitarianism is not so much fascist or communist in nature. It is technocratic".

Technocracy is only the external aspect of this new totalitarianism. If it looks like the combination of communism and fascism in a new extreme form, it's because technocracy will play the role of a super KGB, providing the globalist project with all its "security" needs and ensuring the lasting nature of a multi-century project rooted in a millennial utopia.

If you remember Orwell's picture of the future, the KGB was only the "boot stamping on a human face", but technocracy is meant to implement his full vision: "...for ever".

Concentrating only on the technocratic aspect of the project is the best way to misunderstand the real nature of the globalist project, which is, above all, messianic. However, if we examine the "religious" dimension of the project, we will realize that what is being implemented behind our back (https://noahide.org/united-world-in-united-nations/), is more what the real project is about.

The benign aspect of the 7 Noahide Laws shouldn't convince you to dismiss the whole topic, without first studying the details and knowing that the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, future capital of the unified world, will be the only interpreter and judge presiding over this world religious legislation, which will include the death penalty.


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Chomsky's words: "a totalitarian *culture* that is worse in many ways than the Sovjet Union before Gorbachev".

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I used to have trust and respect in most government agencies, LEO, military and physicians. That trust is nearly completely gone (The IRS, CIA, FDA, CDC,DOJ/“justice system”…the list goes on). I have three friends that are LEO…They cannot wait to retire; however, they are stuck for now. I have seen “it” too many times now for it to be a coincidence and not coordinated. I have a best friend (former Marine) who told me to tell to very good friend’s son to smoke marijuana to get out of his enlistment. That’s how bad this has become. Ed

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The nicest example is recently where I was intimidated by my city mayer, which did fraud on big scale. I’ve made a comment on social media, and the guy wrote my letters by lawyers saying I had to stop and remove while there was a whole bunch of truth out there. Eventually he kept pushing for me to remove all while he was the one getting government money redirected to his private accounts in Belgium. Isn’t that censorism? Isn’t that totalitarian behaviour ? Where as a citizen revealing truth you get totally oppressed?

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I say potato…

And you better fucking say potato too!


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Very familiar to me. Indeed, totalitarism and censorship have nothing to do with "right" or "left" wing. These are forms of addiction to political power.

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I love your work.

Please don't ever stop.

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Dr. Chomsky has an amazingly brilliant mind with a memory to match. Few are smarter or have a more developed moral sense. Few are as accomplished. He reads multiple news sources every day and remembers them all, with references, going back decades. He's been fighting courageously and alone against Power his entire life. None of us come close.

The Establishment beat him on Covid, but not Ukraine, and not anything else. What they did is manipulate his multiple media feeds; garbage in garbage out. Dr. Chomsky is an old warrior and they got him through his media programming, most of which he has always been able to perspectivize. He's surely too old to switch to social media interviews and lectures (with data source links) as we did.

Although he easily side-stepped the obvious Ukraine programming, he could not realize the depth of the Covid narrative with it's missing and falsified data sets and near global scientific support. He was also likely gaslighted by the fact that conspiracy theorists do exist and the Establishment does sometime try to help the People.

It took us a while to accept the global-level covid perfidy and intentional evil. Other people, very smart people including most doctors, still believe in Healthcare's good intent whose programming goes deep. Dr. Chomsky does not realize that Covid and Ukraine and the other narratives are connected because he trusts Healthcare despite it's Trillion dollar corruption. He does not see a level

of manipulation beyond the globalists.

There is a higher level synced with but beyond globalist special interests that 99.99% of us are blocked from realizing due to well engineered cognitive dissonance shielding developed over about 100 years, something beyond and in addition to the intellectual phase-lock of our social group-mind, beyond mass formation. There are also strategically programmed black holes in the social mind that trigger an initial violent reaction, then anxiety, disinterest, and forgetfulness when people tangentially consider those areas. We have unexamined assumptions and subconscious voids we know nothing about controlling what we think and do.

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To all intelligent people globally, if you are not already doing so, please follow what is happening with "The Voice" referendum in Australia, which is following the same pattern as the covid brainwashing. The media is all on the government side, (except Sky News) and voices criticising the proposal are silenced with wails of "racism". There are even threats to make no vote comments on social media illegal. Even more so than for covid, facts are forbidden in the debate. There are two areas at issue. First, the government will not tell us the new wording for the Constitutional changes that they are proposing. They want us to vote to change the constitution to recognise "the first peoples" without telling us what the wording will be. Second, they also want us to vote for a formal apparatus to provide the Aboriginal people with "a voice to parliament" without telling us how that will operate and how much influence it can have over parliamentary decision making. In other words, we are to vote to change our constitution and set up an advisory body to parliament, without knowing any of the actual changes that will be implemented. There is only one side, and that is "the yes vote". Clearly they have worked out how much they think they can get away with since the covid over-reach.

This time, to the credit of Australians, it seems we are not falling for it - although still too many are. The population is roughly 50:50, for and against, but even that is ludicrous for what is being proposed.

The interesting part to me is the degree of the emotional blackmail. Vote "yes" or you are a racist, a fascist, etc etc etc.

Another interesting part is that they seem to be rushing it, and squeezing it in this year between other global fiascos. The vote will be between between October and December 2023 which I guess probably means that "they" have no more global entertainment such as an alien invasion or another pandemic or a currency collapse planned until after that date.

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Noam is later to the party than I expected given his stance on medical stuff early in the Pandemic. I'm a permaculture designer for 3 decades now and see the need for dissent more than ever. I'm glad to have heavyweights like Chomsky lend their voice as we need all the help we can get. As CJ Hopkins says - GloboCap ain't playin' grab-ass anymore -they are going Totalitarian.

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An old Soviet joke encapsulates the truth:

A Russian and an American get on a plane in Moscow and start talking. The Russian says he’s heading for America to learn American propaganda techniques.

The American scoffs:“What American propaganda techniques?!!”

“Exactly,” the Russian replies.

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The path to totalitarianism is creeping, there is no gate that you pass through to be there. But at some point you have the realization, you are in totalitarianism long ago. The end of totalitarianism is in its cradle, but how long this road is still to go, no one knows yet - but it will probably take a very long time.

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Chomsky went all tyrannical on the jabs. Pass - a - dena

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