I can't forget life as I have - and have aspired to - live it, although various supranational entities have been aspiring to curb it for decades. And it was quite a shock to discover that the environmental movement had been hoodwinking us (me...) for decades (by way of the Al Gore-Maurice Strong-Dennis Meadows etc "triad").

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Please…… Help Fight Against the Sale of Children for the Purpose of Sex Trafficking and Child Pornography

1. Watch this entire trailer……

2. Go see this movie when it opens on July 4th, and………

3. Consider Paying it Forward

The Sound of Freedom


This is a true story. I watched an hour long interview with Tim Ballard, the subject of this movie, and Jim Caviezel. Tim quit his job as a Department of Homeland Security Special Agent so that he could literally, 'save the kids'.

He is 'The Real Deal'. Jim Caviezel is the actor who plays him in this movie.

These men are literally doing 'God's Work', Tim, by performing this work, and Jim by shining a light on this literal EVIL that is among us. For instance, at my workplace, two men were fired and incarcerated within the last 6 months for child pornography. That happened because they were 'incautious' enought to watch it on a government computer. Think of how many are watching on their private computers, and don't get caught. This is a huge problem worldwide, and our country is a primary contributor to this (no other word for it but)…….. Pure Evil.

We have a moral obligation to do what we can to fight against this….

Please help.

Please take a material step and stand up for goodness, on this Independence Day.

Thank you, Elizabeth

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The Rhythm that is Life itself will move as a pendulum swinging as far opposite from where we are now. The movement will be upward & go far beyond the point of expectations. It has to - it's a law. Some will call it a Miracle. but it's really natural. I think that the miraculous is simply the law of Good that Humanity has lost sight of & needs to recognize again.

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My wise father had given me "The Man and Society", authored by Maria Benedita Lima De La Torre - written in 1977 - who goes along with Doctor Desmet's explanations concerning mass formation/controlling and its role in the Covid pandemia plot.

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It's ironic that they create "loneliness" through their insane pandemic policies and then issue advisories "on the dangers of loneliness combined with a new “National Strategy to Advance Social Connection.”

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Cheers!!! Duly noted; and note made. Uhhhh…reasonable discourse…What a wild concept…Uhhh…I might learn something. Ed

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Maybe an interesting article about the shift of paradigm


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I think with psychology alone you will continue to wander around in circles because it is based on assumptions that could be wrong.

For orientation I recommend Kant ... or also the book by Alenka Zupančič" The Real of an Illusion". In a book of not even 150 pages, she very densely contrasts the two possible conceptions of the highest good: the analytical and the dialectical variant.

Dialectics refers to the unfinished whole that the UN strives for, the absorption of the individuals into the overall planet until everything is beautifully conformed and appropriate. Since you are also of the opinion that the salvation of man is the mass. But despite the persecution of witches, this is the right way ... you are basically on the same path, only physically. While the WEF has come to the sober realisation that people are less dangerous for each other in the digital world.

What should people strive for? Happiness, of course. But this is perhaps achieved through learning, living, suffering and not through the illusion that others have to make us happy.

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I found I am a lot less alone when I know what's really happening and who are my friends and enemies.

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Amazing piece. I was wishing someone could pull this together during the lockdown panic.

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I found beauty everywhere! I loved every crack in the sidewalks. I loved those water towers that sit on top of buildings in Queens. I loved the rooftops. I loved the subway tracks. I loved the awesome encompassing ring of buildings all around Bryant Park. I loved the amazing patterns of the bricks on older buildings... I could go on and on and on. Where I live now everything is manicured.. it's safe, it's pretty and it's boring. New York was never manicured, and never boring. Don't know how things are there now - it sounds like my city has been pretty well destroyed. Talk about loneliness. I've lost my wonderful city and I'll never see my friends again.

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While the general thrust of this article is fine and makes sense, the author's keenness to blame it all on the Enlightenment (which he also shows in his book 'the Psychology of Totalitarianism') jars with me.

It seems to me that it was precisely the Enlightenment ('Dare To Think') that opened the door to our escape from the totalitarianism of religious dogma. Here in Scotland we had suffered 1000 years of Christian dogma - first Catholic then strict Protestant. A student was hanged in 1699 for blasphemy after questioning the existence of God. It was only when these shackles were loosened that people were able to develop science, engineering and medicine.

The post-modern view that technology is evil is the root of the cult of climate change and much other modern wokery. Science and Technology can be a force for good or for evil but we can choose which.

It's because we have abandoned the lessons of the Enlightenment that we are taking the latter course.

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So you're suffering from digital depression and the solution is to talk with an AI robot, which is a digital creation. The irony of it all.

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Question: Who’d like to join me in funneling toward reinforcing a solution to this? Via renewing #zerocrime villages/communities since the dawn of civilization in Java, Indonesia and expanding the notion to more of the empathy, motherness, families and nature loving world.


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Artigo perfeito

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